BBT Logistics Inc. | About Us
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About Us

We at BBT Logistics thank you for taking the time to consider using our assistance. We are a family run establishment and take pride in our efforts to provide you the best service possible. Whether it is a container delivery to your warehouse or an overdimensional project, we are confident you will find BBT Logistics well equipped to perform the specific requirements of your company.

If there is one thing that sets BBT Logistics apart from the competition, it is our commitment to excellence in both transportation and customer service. We strive to give our clients more than they expect in every aspect of the delivery process. We will tailor our services to whatever requirements you may have. For our drop and pick customers, we offer comprehensive yard management to minimize per diem charges and ensure efficiency. We can perform multiple-stop moves to reduce drayage costs. We offer EDI services and have cell phone equipped drivers to track your shipment throughout the delivery. BBT Logistics is here for you, and will continue to be here for you, until the move is complete. Let BBT Logistics become an integral part of your logistics solution, and you will never look back.

Contact Us


973-578-4415 – P (Headquarters)

973-578-8238 – F